Monday, October 19, 2015

Bryan Fischer - Anti-gay hate groups don't HATE gays

Bryan Fischer

"Disagreement is not hatred, and the truth is not hate speech. Somebody needs to tell that to President Obama."

When I read the above quote from the American Family Association's spokesman Bryan Fischer, I nearly choked with laughter. It comes from an awful column in which Fischer is claiming that President Obama and the Southern Poverty Law Center is declaring war on Christians because of the lgbt community. He is especially raising a fuss that his group, AFA, and the Family Research Council were designated at anti-gay hate group by SPLC.

Of course being an egotistical self-righteous boob like Fischer, he defines the Christian community as folks who believe as he does, particularly about the lgbt community:

The plain truth is that we at FRC and AFA don't hate a living soul. We love homosexuals enough to tell them the truth about the physical and spiritual dangers of the homosexual lifestyle. We want something better for them than the darkness and disease associated with homosexual behavior. We want them to come out of that darkness into the light of the gospel of Christ. We are for the homosexual, and so we must be against the normalization and promotion of homosexuality. Note the SPLC is no longer accusing FRC and AFA of hate or of violence based on some objective standard. They have simply made a purely subjective assessment that our beliefs about human sexuality and our defense of natural marriage are so offensive to them that we must become the target of the unlimited resources of the federal government. Do we disagree with the homosexual lobby about homosexuality? Of course. Do we hate them? Absolutely not. Do we advocate violence against them? Never have, never will. We are simply determined to tell the moral, spiritual, and physical truth about non-normative sexual behavior.

The comical thing about  the above passage is that Fischer is so oblivious to the fact that he, AFA, and FRC have a paper trail more than a mile long which contradicts his ridiculous mea culpa. In all fairness, neither group has advocated violence against lgbts, but their rhetoric is no better than the rhetoric of anti-Semites talking about the Jewish community or racists talking about the African-American community. As you can see by the following videos, Fischer and his "pals" have more than earned the "hate" designations they have been given:

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Hate group - Give us money or the 'homosexuals' will take over and persecute Christians

Tony Perkins and FRC scaring up the money.
One of these days, supporters of the Family Research Council will realize that its "give us money or the homosexuals will take over" requests are simply bull.

Unfortunately, I don't necessarily see that day coming soon. You have to give FRC points for pushing the "fear card," but none for truth. The following is a little snippet via an email signed by its president, Tony Perkins:

Emboldened by the Supreme Court decision, President Obama, the IRS, Justice Department, Department of Defense, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and even corporate America, are saying with one voice that sexual liberty trumps religious freedom.

Affirming same-sex marriage and accommodating the so-called transgendered will become an official litmus test. The religious organizations that refuse to get in line with this new "morality" will face devastating financial consequences. If radical activists get their wish, many churches, Christian colleges, missions, and other faith-based institutions could lose their tax-exempt status and may have to close their doors!

Think what our country would be like without churches ministering to the spiritual and physical needs in our communities.

It would be a sad day for America.

But that is where we are heading as a nation if we don't act now. A bill backed by the far-left Human Rights Campaign was recently introduced in Congress that would protect sexual orientation and gender identity in virtually every federal law -- all at the expense of religious freedom.

If passed, this sweeping legislation could be used to punish Christians who uphold traditional marriage and adhere to the biological fact that a person is created male or female.

The Human Rights Campaign has even pressured corporate giants to coerce the federal government to target those of us who refuse to surrender their biblical values to those sexual revolutionaries who want to redefine God's established order.

As I said recently in Kentucky outside the jail where Clerk of Court Kim Davis was being held, "Given the crisis our nation is facing, the time for being a spectator is over! It is time for all God-fearing Americans to take a stand!"

If we think there's nothing we can do and sit on the sidelines, their radical agenda for your family and mine will become a reality!

I believe God has positioned FRC for "such a time as this." No other organization in Washington, D.C., does more to further the American values of faith, family and freedom -- and we will continue to do so.
If God has positioned the Family Research Council for anything, I envision that He did it with the same droll sense of humor He used when "He told" Michelle Bachmann to run for president.