Friday, May 08, 2009

Funny or offensive? Part 2

As many of you can tell, I seem to be on a tangent today. It could be because it's Friday and all of the other interesting lgbt news have been covered by better blogs such as Pam's House Blend and Good As You.

Or it could that I'm pissed because of an incident last night. I was channel surfing and ran across a movie on Black Entertainment Network called 3 Strikes.

The plot was stupid but a scene really caught my eye and made me wish that I was a member of the NRA.

One of the characters in the movie had been shot in his rear by the police, so he was in a hospital suspended over his bed while wearing a bloody diaper. For some reason, whoever wrote 3 Strikes thought that it would be funny to show a gay black hospital worker lusting after the character (yes even after seeing the bloody diaper) and subsequently attacking him.

This was shown on Black Entertainment Network, a place that is supposed to uplift the race.

Which bring me to the clip above. It is a scene from Soul Plane, a black oriented movie so bad that it set African-American films back to the era before Birth of a Nation.

In the movie is a stewardess called Flame - a chubby oversexed black gay man wearing purple with matching lip gloss. Every time we see him, he is talking about sex (which is funny because he ends up being turned down hard by a blind guy at the end of the movie).

The very "interesting" part of this clip begins at 7:40.

BET continues to show this movie at least twice a month (I am not exaggerating).

Isn't it "nice" to be an lgbt of color and see such "fun" images on a network that is supposed to lift up your self esteem. And isn't it "nice" to be a member of a community who will not even acknowledge your existence.

The black community NEEDS a Mike Rogers desperately.

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Friday midday news briefs

Gaywatch - Marion Barry - Go get him, John Stewart!!

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Gaywatch - Marion Barry
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TVC pedo-ing even more offense - You know the whole point of telling a lie is ruined when everyone knows it's a lie.

McDonald's settles gay discrimination case - Get up off the money, Ronald McDonald.

Dan Choi on The Rachel Maddow Show - and the Freepi eruption - I'm quickly changing my opinion on how President Obama should address Don't Ask, Don't Tell. We can't lose good people over a bad policy.

Outrage reviews hit big city papers: New York Times names closeted pols - L.A. Times, too! - God help me for feeling this way but I wish someone would do the same thing to the black gospel community.

Obama urged to appoint first 'gay' to Supreme Court - Via One News Now, those heads are spinning about now ;p.

Obama Mustard Attack Becomes Full-Blown Right-Wing Talking Point - Not an lgbt situation per se but I just had to include it. Every now and then, you get a sign that the lunatics are running the asylum. This is several of those signs.

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Funny or offensive?

This clip from an episode of Martin underlines the negative images that seem to be numerous in black entertainment regarding lgbts of color. The "fun" begins at 40 seconds.

You tell me - is it funny or offensive.

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