Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Did Liberty University Remove Official Video of Miss California?

Yeah I know this issue is getting on your nerves but this is an interesting development.

Apparently Liberty University has allegedly removed the official video of Carrie Prejean's chapel appearance from Youtube.

The news comes from this religious site which tears Prejean and the religious right to shreds. You can't blame gays for this one:

It is a tragedy for Carrie. If she truly knows Christ, she is poorly taught and in real need of discipleship and mentoring by older Christian women in the faith. Instead, she was given the spotlight and a role she was not ready for. Also, just as fast as she was embraced and used by many of these groups, she risks now being dropped due to the appearance of these shameful photos, both those from the past and those she defends in her “Christian” modeling. Welcome to the evangelical celebrity circuit where souls and hearts don’t matter as much as an effective PR blitz for the “cause.” People are expendable.

Friends, as believers, our cause is the honor and glory of our Savior, King Jesus. The haste with which the present Religious Right leadership jumped on the bandwagon is resulting in unnecessary additional ridicule and mockery of Christianity. We didn’t need this. The cause of Jesus Christ did not need this.


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Wednesday afternoon news briefs

Ugh is all I can say about today.

Those who keep up with this blog know that it is a part time gig which I do not get paid for. I post three times a day - when I get up in the morning, on my lunch break, and when I get home.

So imagine my surprise when I discovered that the library, the place where I do my noon postings, was closed.

Subsequently, my search for another library downtime led me to go on one of those legendary mythical journeys that's doomed for failure from the start (i.e. Orpheus and Gilgamesh).

But whereas Orpheus and Gilgamesh went to the underworld, I had to slog through the hot downtown area and lawns of dog crap (people really need to clean up after their pets) where my journey had an unsurprising unsuccessful end.

So here I am a post behind and I just know something good would happen today that I probably missed out on (like pictures of Peter LaBarbera in drag).

But bear with me while I try to catch up and thank you for your support thus far. Please continue to support this blog ;p.

Maine governor signs bill allowing same-sex 'marriage' - We get marriage in Maine and the One News Now commentators are pissed. Suddenly this day is looking up.

House passes same-sex marriage, 178-167; bill now moves to governor's desk - Hot damn! We almost get marriage in New Hampshire too. The governor needs to sign this bill.

If It Smells Like Coffee & Tea Here, It's Time To Cool Baser Instincts & Practice Counting To Ten - A good conversation on Pam's House Blend regarding us as community. When we attack others and ourselves with nasty language, we become exactly what the religious right says we are.

M*A*S*H star comes out - Welcome to the family, David Ogden Stiers. However that gay ray I hit you with was set for Phillip Seymour Hoffman.

James Dobson's Hate Crimes Freak-Out - What's the deal with James Dobson? It's one thing to lie but it's another thing entirely to lie even when folks know you are lying.

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Homosexual demon my foot!!

In the video clip below, this so-called reverend, overseer, prophetess (I don't know which name the silly woman prefers) is taking it upon herself to "exorcise" an alleged "demon of homosexuality." (Editor's note - The video has been removed but I posted another video that tells of the account).

Scenes like this that make me sad. On one hand, it's funny the depths of ignorance that some so-called Christians are stooping to.

And on the other hand, it's a reason why it's so hard for lgbts of color to be accepted for who we are in the black community.

All I can say is that if someone tries to play that "cast out" game with me, that someone is getting cut.

One more thing - feel free to share this hot mess of nonsense with others.

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