Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Short post today - This brother's tired

My mother got her cast removed today.

For those not keeping up with this situation, my mother broke her ankle in two places two months ago.

It has been an interesting two months as she was confined to a wheelchair and I learned how to cook her version of soul food.


Seriously though she now goes through rehabilitation in order to learn how to walk with the pins the doctors put in her ankle.

We always need your prayers.

Sally Kern - too hot to handle?

Is it just me or is no one in the religious right rushing to defend Oklahoma Rep. Sally Kern's comments.

Short from very few right wing blogs, I have yet to see any major religious right group sound the alarm about "freedom of speech."

There is nothing from the Focus on the Family, Concerned Women for America, and even One News Now.

Hell, I expected our friend Peter LaBarbera to say a little something.

Apparently he is too busy telling lies about the upcoming Day of Silence.

How convenient.

Could it be that they are scared to defend Kern's comments for fear of being asked about whether or not they agree with her comments regarding gays indoctrinating two-year-olds and homosexuality being worse than terrorism and Islam (and by the way, I neglected to mention how she insulted Islam).

Or could it be that the anti-gay industry actually has a sense of shame and realize that maybe their comments and propaganda can go too far?

What do you think?

UPDATE: One of my biggest bone of contentions over this entire thing was Rep. Kern not being asked to provide proof of her claims. Well now she has.

She gave KSBI-TV "proof" of her claims:

KSBI-TV received copies from Representative Kern of what she calls proof of a homosexual agenda. A document and links to some of those are below.



So her proof are links from the anti-gay news site, One News Now.

Are we really surprised?

One more thing

I neglected to mention that I made additions on my Anti-Gay Lies and Liars webpage. The additions include incidents from last year and this year (featuring our favorite state representative at the moment.)

Check it out and tell me what you think.