Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Transgender Day of Remembrance

I would be remiss if I did not mention that today is Transgender Day of Remembrance.

As we remember the lives of our transgender brothers and sisters lost to violence, let us do all we can to make sure that we stop the ignorance and hatred that led to the loss of those precious lives.

Florida school to use 'expert testimony' in fight against gay/straight alliance

Some wild stuff is happening in Florida:

Attorneys for the Okeechobee County School Board plan to use experts who will testify about the "negative health effects of homosexual sex" in their fight to stop the Gay-Straight Alliance from meeting at Okeechobee High School.

. . . According to a summary . . . the school board plans to use four experts, who will testify on topics including:

"Negative health effects of homosexual sex."

"Serious consequences" of heterosexual teenage sexual activity, such as teen pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases and "poorer emotional health."

That "homosexuality lifestyle/relationships are appropriate topics beginning at college age."
The "need to prevent contact by underage students with adult-only material.

Attorneys for the school board have not shared the names of the experts.

In the first place, GSAs have nothing to do with sexual intercourse so this sounds like a ridiculous road that the school board is traveling.

Secondly, courts have consistently ruled for GSAs in cases such as this one, which will begin in June 2008. You see, there is a little something called the Federal Equal Access Act, that says if a school allows any student-initiated, non-curricular clubs to meet, it must allow all student-initiated, non-curricular clubs to meet.

So I really don't see why the school board is continuing with this case. Just allow the GSAs; it's easier and less expensive. And most importantly, there is nothing wrong with GSAs!

But I am interested as to who their "experts" will be and what testimony will they give.

But it really doesn't matter who the school district selects because I bet that the following lies will be used:

The distortion of the 1997 Canadian study to claim that gay men have a short life span. Never mind that the study had nothing to do with GSAs or the authors of the studies complained in 2001 about religious right distortion of their work

The distortion of the 1984-2000 Dutch study to talk about how "promiscuous" lgbts are. This study has nothing to do with GSAs or lgbt teens but no doubt the district's "experts won't disclose this fact to anyone.

Distortion of various studies that say lgbt teens have a problem with depression, drugs, and negative behaviors. The studies also attribute the at-risk behavior of the teens to a homophobic society; something that having a GSA could combat. No doubt the district's "experts" will conveniently omit this portion of the studies.

Various convenience sample and anecdotal citations from STD clinics that have nothing to do with GSAs.

Various convenience sample citations of lgbt sex partners that are neither indicative of the lgbt population at large or lgbt teens.

I have talked about these lies various times on this blog and in detail in my book.

When June 2008 rolls around, I will be watching the case with much interest to see if I am correct.

And I have a feeling that I may be.