Saturday, August 25, 2007

Bad news, Good news

Before I start, let me point something out about the Jim Naugle situation.

Isn't it "convenient" that all of the so-called "pro-family" sites and blogs talking about the situation are omitting the comments of the area police. You know, the comments that say "gay public sex" is not a problem in Fort Lauderdale.

And isn't is also "convenient" that so-called Christians are using the issue to condemn homosexuality on the whole when the situation is about "gay public sex."

Just another example as to how the anti-gay industry (i.e. Janet Folger, Peter LaBarbera, One News Now, etc.) and their supporters are lying and distorting in the name of God.

Now onto my bad news, good news.

Bad news - My interview on the radio show The Agenda (that was supposed to take place on Monday) has been postponed to next month. Actually I don't see it as bad news. By next month, my book should be out.

Good news - and speaking of my book, my author's copy (my book in it's final form) came yesterday. It looks good! My mother looked at it and is afraid that I am going to get sued by the groups and persons I accuse of distortions.

I say let them try. I have proof of my charges.

Of course seeing that this is my first book, I am wary of looking at it too much for fear that I am going to find a HUGE grammatical error. After a few more books under my belt, I will have more confidence in my work.

The main fact of the matter is that my book should be out by next month and the anti-gay industry is going to have a lot of explaining to do.

And I am looking forward to that.