Friday, December 15, 2017

'Anti-LGBTQ evangelical right worried that Roy Moore support made them toxic to America' & other Fri midday news briefs

Some right-wing/anti-LGBTQ evangelicals are worried that support of Roy Moore has made them toxic in the eyes of other Americans. Ya think?

Has Support for Moore Stained Evangelicals? Some Are Worried - Uh oh. Watch this. The anti-LGBTQ/evangelical/religious right are having a serious "come to Jesus" moment over their support of Roy Moore. Please. They missed several "come to Jesus" moments when they decided to smear the LGBTQ community time after time again. What you are watching now is akin to the slow sinking of the Titanic. I wonder if I can add a few extra holes.

After Trump and Moore, some evangelicals are finding their own label too toxic to use - I personally think the LGBTQ community should use this moment to point out the myriad times these folks attacked us and our families and tried to eliminate our equality and dignity. Let's be honest about something (and it needs to be repeated) - People like Franklin Graham and Robert Jeffress, groups like the Family Research Council or the Heritage Foundation don't give a damn about America, nor our diversity or rules of law. They just want conservative justices to eliminate abortion and gay marriage and leaders who will build up their egos. Everything else, including their integrity, is expendable. 

These Schools Get Millions Of Tax Dollars To Discriminate Against LGBTQ Students - Your "religious liberty" does not mean you have a right to steal my tax money while disrespecting me.

Kevin Swanson Blames Roy Moore’s Loss On Alabama’s Love Of Pornography - "On his radio program yesterday, extremist anti-LGBTQ pastor Kevin Swanson reacted to Roy Moore’s loss in the Senate election in Alabama earlier this week by blaming it on the state’s love of pornography, which he also warned is turning children gay." - I don't think I can write a better sentence than that so I just took it verbatim from the post.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Religious right made themselves look like immoral, power-hungry fools by supporting Roy Moore

James Dobson was among the religious right leaders who made fools of themselves by supporting Roy Moore.

With folks calling Steve Bannon and Donald Trump the big losers in Roy Moore's loss in the AL senatorial election, I am a little distressed that hardly anyone is paying attention to what the anti-LGBTQ/evangelical/religious right lost.

Remember that these groups and personalities supported Moore and doubled down even after the charges thrown at him regarding underage girls.

Rob Boston,director of Communications at Americans United for Separation of Church and State, just posted a wonderful column which spills the tea on how groups like the American Family Association and individual such as James Dobson made complete fools of themselves while exposing their true faces as power hungry demagogues:

 . . . Others decided that attacking Moore’s victims was the way to go. Bryan Fischer, a columnist for the American Family Association who has made a name for himself by proffering views so extreme they’d make Cotton Mather blush, went after Corfman.

According to Fischer, Corfman “has credibility problems as a witness. She’s gone bankrupt three times, has tangled with the IRS, and has been through three divorces.” (It’s unclear how any of this discredits Corfman. And I know of someone who has had similar problems – Fischer’s hero, President Donald Trump.) 
Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council (FRC), said that if the allegations against Moore were true, they should disqualify him from the Senate. It was tough talk, but Perkins backed it up with absolutely no action. In fact, FRC’s political action committee had earlier endorsed Moore and didn’t withdraw that support. 
But perhaps the person who emerges most tattered from the Moore debacle is James C. Dobson, founder of Focus on the Family. Let’s take a minute to remember what Dobson became famous for (other than telling parents to beat their children): He is a notorious national scold, the scourge of the LGBTQ community. 
 . . . So Dobson was furious over Moore’s focus on teens, right? Nope. Not only did Dobson not criticize Moore, he celebrated the man. Dobson personally endorsed Moore and recorded a radio ad for him, during which he lauded Moore as “a man of proven character and integrity.” (Tell that to the girls Moore was allegedly bothering at a Gadsden mall in the late 1970s.) 
 . . .This incident won’t slow the Religious Right down, of course. The hypocrite brigade will continue to judge and attack others. But they’ve handed those of us who are frequent targets for their outrage a powerful weapon. Their yawing ethical void was fully opened Tuesday night, and all of America could peer into it.

Hat tip to

An angry Roy Moore blames the LGBTQ community in part for his stunning loss' & other Thur midday news briefs

Roy Moore refuses to concede as new campaign video targets transgender people, liberal judges - Still stinging from his much deserved recent loss, Roy Moore is not only refusing to concede, but is also blaming everyone but himself for his loss. Come on, my brothers and sisters. You know you would be just a LITTLE upset if he didn't attack the LGBTQ community in his comments. Strange how the taste of someone implying that you are an enemy of God and America is so much sweeter when it happens after they've suffered a humiliating loss. Seriously, every time I see this video, I want to put on a pants suit and sit in comfortable chair  while a lovingly stroking a small Persian cat in one hand  and clutching a small glass of brandy in the other. All with an evil satisfied smirk on my face and a plot to create further chaos entrenched in my mind. And with that song "Killer Queen" playing in the background as my theme music.

LGBTQ Alabamians Played A Crucial Role In Spurring The Turnout Against Roy Moore - It turns out that he may be partially right. The Alabama wing of the United LGBTQs of America did a whipping on his behind.

Republicans bury anti-LGBTQ provisions in massive higher education bill - Let's not get so happy that we forget that we are still at war with some people determined to hinder our equality and right to self-determination. 

 Fears rise over LGBT discrimination in conservative Paraguay - AND let's not get forget that our struggle is worldwide.

  Seeking to Serve: The Next Generation of LGBTQ Politicians - Yes! A million times YES!

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Transphobia, homophobia, & inexperience sinks two of Trump's judicial nominees

The LGBTQ community received an early Christmas present, as the White House has announced Trump is withdrawing two judicial nominees, including one who claimed that transgender children are a part of "Satan's plan."

From Right Wing Watch:

The White House today walked back the nominations of two of President Trump’s most controversial judicial nominees, Brett Talley, a 36-year-old with a record of online extremism who had never tried a case, and Jeff Mateer, a former attorney for a Religious Right legal group who had said that transgender children were part of “Satan’s plan.” Talley, as we reported, had called for readers of his blog to join the NRA after the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School and had written on Twitter that Hillary Clinton should be in jail, calling her “Hillary Rotten Clinton.” The outcry over Talley’s nomination to a district court seat in Alabama increased when the American Bar Association gave him a rare “unanimously not qualified” rating—which was no surprise, since he’s only actually practiced law for a couple of years and has never actually tried a case in court. 
 Mateer, a former attorney for the Religious Right legal group First Liberty Institute, was saddled with a record of public speeches and interviews in which he had said that transgender kids are part of “Satan’s plan,” warned that marriage equality would lead to “disgusting” new forms of marriage such as “people marrying their pets,” defended ex-gay conversion therapy, and questioned whether there’s a “right to homosexuality” in the 14th Amendment. On top of that, Mateer had spoken at a conference sponsored by radical anti-LGBTQ pastor Kevin Swanson, who was known for speaking about the death penalty for homosexuality.

'With Roy Moore loss, the mask of virtue slipping from the anti-LGBTQ religious right' & other Wed midday news briefs

Last night's loss for Roy Moore may be the beginning of trouble for the religious right.

Editor's note - I wonder will last night's devastating loss in the Alabama senatorial election send a message to the evangelical/anti-LGBTQ right about their strident support of people who damage their so-called integrity. In other news, message to myself - BITCH PLEASE!

Whatever the case may be, I suggest that the LGBTQ community not think that  last night doesn't affect us. We can sit back and be observers for a change as the religious right further strips themselves of their undeserved mantle of "protectors of virtue."

Acts of Faith - ‘A spiritual battle:’ How Roy Moore tested white evangelical allegiance to the Republican Party - To answer the question in my editor's note, I think the religious right failed the test. They went for Moore big time, even after knowing the charges of his "sexual dalliances."

Roy Moore's Senate race is a referendum on Christian values in the age of Trump - A column from before yesterday's vote. It puts a worse perspective on the piece from above now that the election is over. 

Dave Daubenmire Blasts Christians Who Refused To Support Roy Moore Just Because He ‘Maybe Molested A Girl 40 Years Ago’ - Ewwww! Just plain ewww!

Kid Reads LGBTQ Children’s Book For The First Time — And Her Reaction Is Priceless - And as we observe things, life goes on for us. We continue to live our lives and have families. 

WATCH: Republican regent ignites massive protest at University of Oklahoma after equating homosexuality with pedophilia - And yet he claims to be merely "expressing his beliefs." Yeah, so are the folks angry at your ignorance. 

What's Your Favourite LGBT Movie With A Happy Ending? - We need more of these. Gone are the days of the "tragic queen."

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Grassley wants Trump to withdraw two judicial nominees (including the anti-LGBTQ one)

Jeff Mateer may not get to be a federal judge after all.

I think the GOP is starting to recognizing the severity of its problems under the Trump Administration - problems which will exacerbate to their worst should Roy Moore win the Alabama senatorial election this evening.

And a recent request from Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, to Trump gives further proof of this.

From The Hill:

Grassley told CNN that he urged Trump and the White House to rethink the nominations of Jeff Mateer and Brett Talley. 
"I've advised the White House they ought to reconsider," Grassley said to CNN. "I would advise the White House not to proceed." 
Mateer, whom Trump nominated to become a federal judge in Texas, has faced criticism for a series of 2015 speeches on religion and homosexuality. In those remarks, he described transgender children as part of “Satan’s plan,” compared homosexuality to bestiality and advocated for gay conversion therapy.

Critics called Mateer's September nomination to the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas "a gift to anti-LGBT activists." His nomination has yet to receive committee approval. 

'Alabama father protests Roy Moore in honor of deceased lesbian daughter' & other Tue midday news briefs

Why This Alabama Dad Is Protesting Roy Moore In Honor Of His Daughter - Easily the saddest and most poignant story of this Roy Moore mess. I don't care what your political persuasion may be or where you are from - no parent deserves to lose a child for any reason. And this reason is one we have unfortunately seen so many times. It's what we need to think about when we fight for every aspect of LGBTQ equality. We aren't just fighting for ourselves but also for our children, particularly what they see and hear and how it affects them. And please don't give any nonsense about not caring about an issue until it affects you personally because that's how change usually happens. My heart grieves with this man and I hope one day that he will find peace for himself and his late daughter.

Trump is fighting for his transgender military ban, despite multiple court setbacks - You lost this one, Trump. Deal with it.

Matt Barber & Gordon Klingenschmitt Launch ‘Aggressive’ New Anti-LGBTQ ‘Christian Civil Rights’ Group - Someone tell "Porno Pete" LaBarbera that his "sister in sodomy" has a new partner. I took a look at this new "group" and its webpage It's so nasty that we can use it for OUR OWN purposes in the future.

McCain and Cardin: Trump ‘largely silent’ on human rights abroad - And how many of us should be surprised? Trump is not only screwing up things for LGBTQs in America, but he is taking his shit-show worldwide.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Evangelical right gather to sing Trump's praises & surrender last of their integrity

Those who follow this blog know how much I am not a fan of the evangelical/religious/anti-LGBTQ right. The purpose of this blog from day one has been to expose how they smear my community via junk science and out-and-out lies. Also it has been my mission to expose just phony and unapologetically craven these groups and personalities are.

A wise man once said the best way to defeat your enemies is to give them what they want. When you do that, they generally rip off their masks to show the face that you've been telling everyone they have. That's the only way I can suitably explain the tweet below via White House reporter from Bloomberg, Jennifer Jacobs.

One would think that with all of the lies, malfeasance, incompetence, and investigations surrounding the Trump Administration, conservative evangelical leaders, who are so quick to complain about how the country's off-track and needs to 'back to God," would be the first in line to decry the madness.

Not so much when Trump is giving them influence and practically hand delivering them goody and goody.

Just disgusting, as the following demonstrates:

Gay characters on the Disney channel spotlight a plain reality

As you all know, a while back some people got angry at the Disney channel because a featured show, Andi Mack, recently had a coming out storyline. If you really want to get these folks' blood pressure running, show the above video. Apparently the Disney channel has a good history of showing the reality of the gay community. 

'Religious leaders speak against exploiting 'religious liberty' to create discrimination' & other Mon midday news briefs

Supreme Court’s Wedding Cake Case Isn’t About Faith, Religious Leaders Warn - So true. Regardless of this case turns out - and I hope it's a victory - I am very encouraged how people are speaking out and directing attention to the complexities of religion when it comes to the LGBTQ community and discrimination. And I am especially encouraged to see the spotlight on other religious leaders. Franklin Graham, Robert Jeffress, the Family Research Council, and the rest of that nauseating bunch have dominated the argument over religion and the LGBTQ community long enough. No one group or facet, no matter how many times you see them on television, no matter how much money or false influence they have, no matter luring their deceptive argument may be, owns the patent on faith, religion, morality, or God.

Sinclair is forcing local news stations across the country to air multiple false attacks on the Southern Poverty Law Center - Sinclair makes Fox News look like angels of truth. And the network, aside from forcing local stations to air biased, pro-Trump propaganda, is attacking the SPLC for its hate group designations.

Bermuda is set to be the first country to end marriage equality - A minor change to the law but should serve as a warning about complacency for folks here. DO NOT assume that the religious right isn't planning to take away what we fought for and earned.

A White Supremacist Group Posted Racist and Homophobic Fliers Around a Dallas University - It really doesn't matter if one can or can't compare the LGBTQ equality movement to the African-American civil rights movement because both groups tend to have the same enemies and had better get on the ball to acknowledge this.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

British pastors, MPs want Franklin Graham banned from entering England

His vocal support of Putin's crackdown on gays in Russia, which led to widespread anti-gay violence (first picture), is one of the reasons why some British pastors and MPs don't want Franklin Graham (second picture) to visit England in 2018.

Islamophobic comments and vocal support of Putin's persecution of the Russian gay community is now causing American pastor Franklin Graham much trouble. British pastors and politicians are undertaking an effort to keep him out of England.

From the Huffington Post:

Several British pastors and politicians are voicing concerns about a controversial American evangelist’s plans to preach in the U.K. next year. 
Franklin Graham, a prominent evangelical pastor who has made blatantly homophobic and Islamophobic statements in the past, is scheduled to headline the Lancashire Festival of Hope in Blackpool in September 2018. Graham’s three-day event — similar to the “crusades” once led by his famous father, Billy Graham — is reportedly taking place with the blessing of more than 300 church leaders and members in England.

But not all residents of the area are enthused about Graham coming to town. Some have urged the U.K.’s home secretary Amber Rudd to ban the preacher from entering the country altogether, the Guardian reports.

Nina Parker, the pastor of a church in Blackpool, told HuffPost in an email that she’s worried that Graham’s visit could embolden those who are prejudiced toward Muslims and queer people to express that hate.

In addition, according to the Huffington Post, Parker is involved with an online petition asking the home secretary to keep Graham away from England. Presently, the petition has over 6,000 signatures.

The Guardian also reports:

 Paul Maynard, a minister at the Department of Transport and a Blackpool MP, has written to Amber Rudd urging caution over Graham’s visit to the UK. 
Gordon Marsden, another Blackpool MP who has called on the home secretary to consider refusing Graham entry, said the evangelist may have broken UK legislation on hate speech. 
“I think frankly the evidence is piling up that his visit to the UK … would not be a good thing and not probably in my view a very Christian thing.” Graham’s statements were “incompatible with what Jesus said in the Bible”, he told BBC Radio Lancashire. 
Afzal Khan, the Labour MP for Manchester Gorton, said he was concerned about the prospect of Graham sowing division in the UK. “His views are not welcome, and I will make representation to the home secretary if it looks like he is intent on coming,” he told the Guardian.

Both The Guardian and Hufffington Post list past comments by Graham which are the basis for the concern over his visit.

The Guardian:

The evangelist, who backed Donald Trump in last year’s US presidential election, has described Islam as “an evil and very wicked religion” and has equated the actions of extremist groups such as Isis with the faith. He claimed that Barack Obama was “born a Muslim” and had allowed the Muslim Brotherhood to infiltrate the US government at the highest levels during his presidency. He also said the Obama administration was pushing “a gay and lesbian agenda”, and he has spoken out against LGBT rights, saying Satan is behind same-sex marriage.

The Huffington Post:

Graham proposed a ban on Muslims entering the U.S. in July 2015, months before Trump did the same. Graham has also suggested that allowing LGBTQ people into churches or Christian homes is allowing the “enemy,” or Satan, to “devour our homes.” Graham praised Russian President Vladimir Putin in 2014 for protecting Russian children from the “damaging effects of any gay and lesbian agenda.”

Photo of anti-gay violence in Russia taken from MotherJones.

Related post:

Franklin Graham Endorses Vladimir Putin’s Anti-Gay Crackdown

Friday, December 08, 2017

'By encouraging trans activist, Obama upstages Trump yet again' & other Fri midday news briefs

Barack Obama gave an inspiring reply to this transgender activist’s question - Even when he is as far away as India, Barack Obama reminds us AGAIN why he is a better president in his sleep than Donald Trump could ever be. And I'm not posting this just for folks to bellyache about how they miss Obama. Obama is not in the White House anymore, but we should still be inspired by his words and candor. We are still citizens of this country and we still have the power and means to fight. And that doesn't mean with desperation.

Anti-LGBTQ hate group fundraises for its UN work with swastika over a rainbow flag - Tacky, but not surprising from C-Fam 

Yesterday The Supreme Court Jolted LGBTQ People With A Frightening Reality - Even though I am hope that even if the baker wins the recently heard SCOTUS case, it won't be as far-reaching as feared to be, this piece my Michelangelo Signorile outlines the fears long after the case came to court. We need to stop being so quick to celebrate victories that we forget how they can come with caveats. This is a war over LGBTQ equality and every battle always leads to a new one. 

Trump seeks emergency court action to block transgender people from joining the military - Good luck with THAT one, fool!

America Needs Another 21,307 LGBT Elected Officials to Achieve True Equality - We only have 448 elected officials in this country. More is always better. It's a step towards success. Encouraging good LGBTQs to run for public office, then helping them to win.